[rsyslog] actionqueue in front of tcp forward

Johnny Tan linuxweb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 19:27:38 CET 2008

Rainer Gerhards wrote:
> & in column one is to chain multiple actions together, but it can never
> be at the start of the chain. Did you take it from some rsyslog
> documentation? If so and you still know which, please let me know, I'd
> like to fix that.

No, I copied it from the bug report I listed. The OP must've 
had a regular action that wasn't listed.

Anyway, I fixed it, restarted client rsyslog, but the 
behavior is the same.

I don't need any special config on the server side, right?

Well, if it helps, here's the top of my client 
/etc/rsyslog.conf, followed by the top of my server 

client /etc/rsyslog.conf
# Modules

$ModLoad imuxsock.so
$ModLoad imklog.so
$ModLoad imfile.so

$WorkDirectory /tmp/rsyslogwork
$ActionQueueType LinkedList
$ActionQueueFileName dqueue
$ActionQueueSaveOnShutdown on
$ActionQueueDiscardSeverity 7
$ActionResumeInterval 10
$ActionResumeRetryCount -1
*.*         @@

# Standard syslog configuration (for local logging)

server /etc/rsyslog.conf
# Modules

$ModLoad imudp.so
$ModLoad imtcp.so
$ModLoad imuxsock.so
$ModLoad imklog.so
$ModLoad imfile.so

# TCP port
$InputTCPServerRun 61514

# Global Directives

$AllowedSender UDP,,,
$AllowedSender TCP,,,
$DirOwner root
$DirGroup root
$DirCreateMode 0755

# Templates

# Standard syslog configuration

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