[rsyslog] Property-Based Filters

Radu Gheorghiu radu at pengooin.net
Sat Mar 22 14:47:39 CET 2008

I don't think that the HOSTNAME problem is a rsyslog problem.
I think that the remote host is not sending the HOSTNAME.
Remote host is using the classic syslog .
and it is configured like this:
*.*                                                     @central-logger

on the central logger .. i modify my template for debug:
$template MyTemplateName,"TheHost:d%HOSTNAME%d %syslogseverity% TheMsg: 

and in the  logs:
TheHost:dlastd 5 TheMsg:  repeated 8 times

Seems like the message had no hostname field.  and rsyslog thinks "last" 
is the hostname.


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