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Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Mon Mar 31 16:58:02 CEST 2008

Rainer Gerhards wrote:
> This has some subtleties for me, too (well, maybe its not really
> subtleties but simply frightening me ;)). Let me try to get this back to
> a simple path. How about a simple
> major.minor.patchlevel-dev<devlevel>
> So basically the "Sunday scheme" without -mf/-rc but instead just -dev.
> I guess the scheme was good for all, but the -mf/-rc was deemed
> confusing. In the sample, it would look like:
> 3.13.5 stable
> 3.14.0-dev6 (relp)
> 3.15.0-dev3 (relp/tcp)

what i'm not getting is, that you
a) want to maintain some work-in-progress-patches as seperate trees.
    what happens if you want to implement feature-x (ssl/tls) first
    (which would then be 3.17.0) and this becomes stable faster than
    relp/other stuff?

then we have
3.16.0 stable

uhm ... ?

what happens if a patch will be unstable for ages as it was some kind of
paid-for-feature but time ran out? or if a feature becomes obsolete
because of another feature?

b) why do you want to stick to some in-between-version - especially with
the v3.x scheme

which i still see as progressing as 3.14.0, 3.15.0,
3.16.0 as in the old-style so nobody is confused. therefore i call
3.14.0 3.15.0 etc. in-betwee-versions, if 3.16 is under development)

mhm, now an idea begins to take hold of me ;)

do you want to totally switch to the new scheme now? or do you want to
keep some kind of legacy numbering for v3?

maybe my problem is, that i somehow see the versioning this way:

v3.pl or rather v3.subminor.pl and
v4.minor.pl or rather v4.minor.subminor.pl (such as we can see with
kernel v2.6.24.4)

so 3.15.0 is translated to 3.0.15 in my mind. so the next step would be
3.0.16 which would become 3.16.x in the "old" release style.

perhaps you can enlighten me/us? :)

and maybe, if you want to switch to the final version scheme, we should
jump over a couple of releases and start with 3.20.0 to make things

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