[rsyslog] rsyslog and holding on to dyna (daily) files

Jeffrey 'jf' Lim jfs.world at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 06:47:58 CEST 2009

I'm using rsyslog now to log to dynafiles that are marked with a date.
What i'm discovering is that rsyslog is holding on to the log files
longer than I would want them to. Ideally, of course, rsyslog should
release the file after the date is over - but given that rsyslog has
no way of knowing (unless this intelligence is built in to the
dynafile/template parsing!) that this is a file that will never be
written to again, is there a way to get rsyslog to "release" the

"$HUPIsRestart" looks like the solution - but unfortunately, it only
works for v4... I would prefer not to do a "hard restart", cos I am
under the impression that I will lose some log entries this way...


In the meantime, here is your PSA:
"It's so hard to write a graphics driver that open-sourcing it would not help."
    -- Andrew Fear, Software Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation

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