[rsyslog] more 5.1.3 errors (fwd) / invalid fromhost

Rainer Gerhards rgerhards at hq.adiscon.com
Fri Aug 21 12:59:07 CEST 2009

> > Do you think this can be easily reproduced? If so, that would be
> great. I
> > could simply comment out some of the code I suspect to cause the bug
> and so
> > we could check both versions and see if it makes a difference...
> yes, I can compile and install a new version and run it for a few min.
> this problem seems to show up fairly rapidly.

OK, that's great :)

So I would suggest this course of actions:

1. get a debug log exposing the problem
  (chances are good, 50:50, it will pinpoint the issue)

if we can not see what causes it:

2. create special version without the code I suspect

Then look at the results and see what to do...

Is that OK with you?

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