[rsyslog] old RHEL5 syslog client doesn't report time right

Michael Maymann michael at maymann.org
Fri Feb 10 20:35:09 CET 2012


my RHEL5 are legacy syslog clients and they don't report time right. They
report client-time but server-timezone...
RHEL6 rsyslog-client did the same thing before i added:
$ActionForwardDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_ForwardFormat


2012/2/10 <david at lang.hm>

> On Fri, 10 Feb 2012, Michael Maymann wrote:
>  Hi List,
>> we are running some older RHEL5 syslog-client (that can't be upgraded due
>> to software on them) running the old syslog daemon.
>> I configured my new rsyslog RHEL6 clients with the following:
>> $ActionForwardDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_ForwardFormat
>> and that did the trick for them...
>> (How) can I get same result with the old syslog daemon on my syslog
>> clients
>> ?
> First off, this sounds like a question to send to RedHat because you are
> asking how to configure their non-rsyslog daemon.
> but before we can help you, what is the actual problem you are having?
> is RHEL5  the sender or the receiver of the log message?
> what are you getting, and what do you think you should be getting?
> David Lang
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