[rsyslog] v5 and v7 configuration syntax

Ben Bradley bbradleyuk at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 11:32:48 CET 2013

Hi everyone

I'm a bit confused about rsyslog configuration syntax, specifically what to use where.

I read that there's been a change in syntax at some point. I'm using rsyslog 7 on CentOS from the adiscon repo but the header at the top of the config file says it's a v5 format config file. I thought that with v7 there was a new style of configuration syntax that had to be used.

Is there an example of a default Rsyslog v7 config file anywhere?
I'm not sure where the action() statement in v7 syntax needs to go in a v5-style configuration file. Do I need to put them before or inside the #### begin forwarding rule #### comment blocks.

Is there a full reference or comparisons of the v7 syntax anywhere?

Cheers, B

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